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It’s funny to me

When I see relaxer commercials and the models are like,”it gives my hair moisture,shine,and I have no breakage”
That’s a big ass lie. Relaxers do the opposite

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    So much of this. Kinda why I shaved of all my hair, and starting again NATURALLY! Never seen the commercials (maybe an...
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    ^ THIS
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    Don’t come for me ya’ll but when I relax my hair I do look like the model on the box. I’m sorry ya’ll relaxing has...
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    Nothing but the truth. So many of these commercials claim to make your hair ‘more manageable.’ What the hell? Is that...
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    YUP. That’s a bold lie that hurts us in the end. SO glad I went natural.
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  8. beautifulbahamian said: I had my hair relaxed for about 8-10 years, it grew to the middle of my back and was very healthy… It only gets damage if you don’t take care of it… Same as natural hair!
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    Another way of brainwashing black women. Smh
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