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Braids and a bikini #bathingsuitseason #bikini #braids #thickems #goofyass #naturalhair #f21#tanningseason #ilooksupernativeamerican

Health scare

So I had a health scare, I thought I was pregnant for like a week. I got my “aunt flo” late so I was super stressed which makes it worse. I literally was so scared, contemplating all my options. Honestly I was planning to abort. I told the guy I was with and he was shocked I wanted to abort. We both are broke college students, working yuck jobs, and I wouldn’t want to put our dreams on hold. It made me humble and helped me realize how blessed I am with the lifestyle I have. During this time I thought of my nieces and brothers and how disappointed they would be. I need to be more careful.





if you follow Shane Dawson, Shanna Malcolm, Joey Graceffa, Russell Simmons or Bart Baker I would highly suggest in UNsubscribing.

Shane Dawson was in black face, Shanna Malcolm plays the stereotypical “black girl” for her all white fans and calls them “McNigglets” while also staring in a ‘comedy’ video made by Russell Simmons disrespecting Harriet Tubman and Bart Baker is just a band wagoning immature hater.

They’re all so immature and blind when they know they’re wrong. Chescaleigh did nothing wrong by voicing that making fun of rape culture/black people is neither funny nor is it a thing to take loosely.

His fans are even calling her the N word and telling her she’s a slut!

He’s not even funny in general and it surprises me that he gets views. To top it all off he’s a racist dick with a white supremacy fan group….

Russell Simmons loves to preach enlightenment and peace but negatively talks about black history…smart.

btw Joey is part of this, if he’s putting the stuff on him he obviously has the same views so yes I will tag him if I want to and Shanna’s videos are very coon-ish.

If you’re making it ok for all of your fans to call themselves “McNigglets” that’s just making it ok for them to call others/themselves “Nigger’s” so don’t ever think something is ok jut because you like them.

Know when someone’s wrong….they’re adults making it ok for kids to see them popularize racism/rape.


I will always call out Shane Dawson’s classless act.

Forever reblogging





Throwback Drizzzzzzy


Last night
Elephant bracelet and elephant tattoo. Can you tell I have a thing for elephants? I’m the elephant queen.  #picstitch #fresno #fresnozoo #elephants #asianelephants #theobsessionisreal #birthdaycelebration #nofilter #beautifulday #thickems
I’ve been eating good,drinking good, got a cute cake, and sexy gifts from Victorias Secret. 21 birthday pt.1 #stellarose #redwine #magaritas #victoriassecret #lingerie #cake #shoutouttotheprimaforthemagaritas #shoutouttocompamarioforthewine #shoutouttohimforthevs #lextaughthim #sometimesitpaysbeingabrat #21 #birthdaygirl #picstitch

Finally 21

Happy birthday to me


So I overheard my mom talking about how she is going to get on disability since she had her stroke and I started to bawl. I was crying cause I was blaming myself for not calling 911 sooner. I was crying because she wont be working anymore and since the stroke nothing is the same. Then she stared to bawl. We both got emotional. I’m not sure why I cried so hard about something that happened almost two years ago. I’m sad she suffered aphasia and she won’t be teaching anymore. I feel a lot of guilt. I just hope and pray we both will be okay. #personal #aphasia #stroke




Just being honest

this is the honest shit though

Nothin realer


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